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Wandering - a retreat for dreamers of a happy reality
Wandering - a retreat for dreamers of a happy reality

Fri, May 19


Al-Khan Al-Ahmar

Wandering - a retreat for dreamers of a happy reality

Retreat at Ibrahim's hospitality camp in Khan Al Ahmar - the retreat includes Bedouin accommodation, a guided walk in the desert and meditation practices using the Halima Ara method

זמן ומיקום

May 19, 2023, 10:00 AM – May 20, 2023, 2:00 PM

Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, Al-Khan Al-Ahmar


פרטי האירוע

Does running water in the desert smell? Smell of dust and rocks? Smell friendships with people I've never met? Smell chirping little songbirds and peeping foxes? I don't know how to name smells, but I breathed and moved and talked and kept quiet and was present. And I'm here.

There is a small settlement, of a desert tribe, called Jahalin. They were moved by the Israeli government from Arad, and today their home is threatened with moving and evacuation again (the court hearing in February postponed the decisions to April. Which means that they are again hanging in the air. So this is an opportunity to come and provide moral and financial support). Some of them live in Khan al-Ahmar, where, on Friday, we will meet, at Ibrahim's, in whose hospitality tent we will stay, wander and walk around the place. We can see a different reality, half an hour away from Jerusalem. And see how much, a little crazy.. the difference. On Saturday, we will walk in one of the wild and beautiful Hanel canals in the area, a stream full of water and chirping birds. With dipping pools, and rock shelves, on which we sit and meditate while sitting and walking, and talk. chat about what? About everything that comes to our mind. in our lives and in reality.


* Registration (by filling out the form and transferring the payment): Link to register (payment details are also there):

*payment: Until the 1.5: 320-600 according to your wishes and your budget. What 2.5: 600 NIS. 20% of the payment (beyond the payment for the accommodation, included in the price), will be transferred to the tribe for the development of sustainable sources of income.

Registration, by filling out the registration form and transferring payment by Bit or by bank transfer. The receipt will be sent at the end of the transfer.

* Link to the schedule:

* Sleep: In Khan Al Ahmar, in simple and clean conditions, in Ibrahim's tent. (Please note, there is good water for drinking. But it is not possible to take a shower. Only on Fridays, immersion in the stream

* Walking: The route is relatively comfortable and short - 4 km

* Food: * Vegan For Friday afternoons, we will bring a snack from home, which we will share together. On Friday evening and Saturday morning, Abraham's family will cook for us. And on Saturday we will prepare a light meal in the stream.

in collaboration with: * The event is in collaboration with the Friends of Jahalin organization (NGO) - a group of activists - from all ends of the political spectrum - who oppose the destruction and deportation of the Bedouin communities of the Jahalin tribe, in the area between Jerusalem, Jericho and the Jordan Valley. Link to the Facebook page:

* If you want to know a bit about me, you are welcome to enter my profile: satya lior

* How is this related to daydreaming? Lucid dreaming deals with meditation not necessarily for awakening or enlightenment (sometimes this also happens and it is blessed) and environmental/social issues. To get to know people who live these situations, and not just through the TV or computer screen, you have to go out and meet them, it's also fun. Meditation will support us to meet the things it brings up in us, and perhaps to dream of solutions and ways in which we can lend a hand...

For details, Satya 050-8811621

Link to the registration form:


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