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Luaba Hilwa ("Pretty Doll")

Initiated in 2018, this is a collaborative project between the women and girls of Khan-al- Ahmar and women volunteers from Friends of Jahalin. In response to a plea from A’íd, the community’s head, Jael Moav and Anat Sharel, two of the founding members of Friends of Jahalin, established a collective for women and girls to engage in leisure activities and recreation during their free time. This laid the foundation for what would eventually become “Pretty Dolls.”

To support the venture, they reached out to a designer by the name of Galia Hay. With Galia’s guidance and expertise, they aspired to professionalize their production standards and create additional opportunities for improving their livelihood.

While the village’s future has remained uncertain over the years, the Pretty Doll initiative has not only persevered but expanded significantly. Over a period of more than three years, a group of 25 women and girls from 15 different families have produced hundreds of hand-crafted dolls. Known as ‘Pretty dolls,’ they represent the Bedouin culture of the Jahalin tribe and serve as ambassadors for Khan-al-Ahmar. In essence, the dolls are a medium through which to share the stories of the village, the tribe, and its remarkable women.
Through the sale of their dolls, women are able to generate income, which is crucial given the extreme poverty prevalent in their community and the high unemployment rate. A meaningful framework has been established, fostering emotional support among the participants, and cultivating a climate of friendship, mutual assistance, and cooperation among women. The art of knitting has once again become central to the village, with women passing this skill down to their daughters. In addition, the project affords women a joyful space in which to express themselves, to develop self-esteem, and to enjoy the fruits of their productivity.
The women and the girls involved in the project take much pride in their craft and enjoy their work thoroughly. They continue to excel, increasing their production with each passing day. We are actively seeking shops, events, markets or any venue where we can set up a stall and showcase and sell our Pretty Dolls. If you know of any opportunities or potential locations, please contact us!


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