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Community Gardening

As part of our “Gardens Project” initiative, volunteers brought a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds to a group of enterprising women in the tribe, and taught them essential gardening skills, including seed extraction, proper planting techniques, and effective nurturing practices. In some cases, volunteers delivered planting soil, which was transported to the site with the help of donkeys.

After some time, the seeds sprouted, gardens bloomed, and the families’ daily menus were enriched with fresh, homegrown produce, including tomatoes and other delicious fruits. The women learned to prepare compost from the remains, thereby enriching the soil in their gardens. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the women planted flowers that are able to thrive in desert conditions, transforming their environment into the beginnings of a vibrant oasis.

While this project is still in its early stages, its potential is already apparent. By growing their own produce and flowers, the members of the tribe are taking a visible step toward improving their food security and enhancing their surroundings, creating a more inviting and aesthetic environment in which to live.
However, the success of this project relies on our continued support and involvement. To expand our efforts, Friends of Jahalin is in need of additional financial contributions and committed volunteers, whose support will enable us to address humanitarian needs, promote female independence, and improve health conditions for the members of the Jahalin tribe.
Together, we can make a lasting impact on the daily lives of the Jahalin, cultivating a nourishing and inviting environment for even more families of the tribe as they learn to plant their own sustainable gardens.


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