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Family Connections

The aim of this project is to facilitate meaningful, ongoing interaction between Israeli families and families of the Jahalin tribe. Through this connection, participants gain an enriching cultural experience, and become familiar with the daily lives and experiences of a traditional Bedouin family.

Are you ready for an eye-opening experience? Fantastic! Friends of Jahalin are here to facilitate this by matching you up with a family from the Jahalin community. You’ll engage in insightful conversations, enjoy visits to their homes, share authentic experiences, forge friendships, and witness first-hand the beauty and simplicity of the Bedouin way of life. As your interaction ensues, you may even pick up some Arabic, broadening your linguistic horizons.

In addition, our project offers opportunities for you and your family to engage in communal work together with the Jahalin. Whether it’s assisting with practical needs or contributing to collaborative projects, you’ll make an impact while getting to know your neighbors, building lasting friendships, and deepening your familiarity with the lifestyle of the tribe. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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