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Enrichment Program for Jahalin Children

Since the inception of the Friends of the Jahalin, our dedicated volunteer, Haya Tal, has been leading a weekly enrichment program for the children of Khan-al-Ahmar. This program aims to provide educational, recreational activities for school-aged children during their after-school hours.

Carrying out the initiative has been challenging, due to the lack of a space large enough to accommodate all of the children. The school’s courtyard is in an enclosed space and is off-limits, and constructing a suitable temporary structure would be considered illegal and subject to demolition by the Civil Authority. Despite these barriers, Haya has earned the trust of the community, and has been meeting with the children at different families’ homes each visit.

To expand and sustain this initiative, which is crucial for the children’s enrichment in light of their constrained living conditions and limited mobility in Area C, we are in need of additional Arabic-speaking volunteers and funding. If you would like to participate in this initiative, or have any other ideas about how to further enrich the daily lives of the Jahalin children, please contact us!


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