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Finding Sources of Income

Unemployment rates among the Jahalin community are alarmingly high, reaching nearly 70%. To address this challenge, Friends of Jahalin has initiated various programs in order to create employment opportunities that will generate income for the tribe. For example, we facilitated a pilot project in the Dead Sea area, where Palestinian workers were required in the hotel industry. By identifying suitable candidates from the Jahalin community, we successfully connected them with hotels seeking to hire.

In addition, we recognize the potential of local tourism as a thriving, income-generating sector. We encourage the tribe to develop initiatives such as cooking courses and female-led artistic production. For example, Fatma Jahalin transformed a hut adjacent to her home into a restaurant with our support, enabling her to earn an income by catering to tourists in the area.

The latest business initiative involves a plan for a center for pasteurization and cheese production. The center will purchase milk from numerous Jahalin communities, pasteurize it, produce cheese, and sell it to the Palestinian market. The initiative will generate income for many Bedouin families, while fostering the preservation of traditional herding practices and Bedouin culture. Moreover, it stands to strengthen the bond between the various Bedouin communities in the region, and reinforce their connection to the desert despite ongoing attempts to relocate them.

This initiative poses the potential for significant strategic change for numerous Bedouin communities in the northern Judean desert and the Jordan Valley. To help launch the center, we obtained a generous private donation of 40,000 £, an amount covering half the cost of the venture.

We welcome and fully support any initiatives or ideas that can provide additional sources of income for the Jahalin tribe. Together, we can make a lasting impact on their economic well-being.


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