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Tourism Development

For the Jahalin, tourism is a vehicle for fostering change, fueling growth, improving financial stability, and nurturing connections amongst members of the tribe. It is also an integral means by which to further legitimize the diverse culture of the tribe.
We aim to enhance the development of tourism-related activity – including tours, guesthouses, meals and courses – in the area of the northern Judean desert, relying on hosts from various Jahalin communities. This will not only increase their income, but will also foster mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Israeli and foreign visitors, and the Jahalin community.
The Friends of Jahalin actively promotes Bedouin products and initiatives through an extensive social media network and affiliated platforms. Moreover, our group organizes events in the community’s hospitality tents, together with local families, in order to raise awareness amongst the general public. Activities include:
Training courses for tour guides and other volunteering opportunities.
Guided walking tours, including stops at different Bedouin sites.
A variety of traditional meals including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, provided by members of the Jahalin tribe for travelers from Israel and abroad.
Overnight tent-stays and day-time desert jeep rides, as a means for exploring the different communities and the Dead Sea region.
These tours cater to individuals, groups, families, and youth. The Jahalin extend a warm, open invitation to anyone interested in getting to know them and in experiencing the desert’s natural beauty.
Friends of Jahalin assists in identifying suitable host locations, coaching the host families, and organizing volunteer-led tours throughout the region. We hope to expand the scope of our activity, by involving more local families in these initiatives and exploring additional areas of focus for future activity.


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