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חאן אל אחמר - מידע

Khan al-Akhmar

About friends Jahalin

"Friends of the Jahalin" is a volunteer group that was established in 2017 to raise awareness of the situation of the Jahalin communities in the Judean Desert, and to promote their status by agreement while providing full equality of rights and opportunities to the members of the tribe. The group is not a political body, and its members represent the entire political spectrum in Israel, from the right and the left, including residents of the Israeli settlement in Merhav Adumim and Gush Etzion. For this reason the group does not try to promote a specific political solution. The group has enshrined on its banner full equality of rights for the Jahalin communities in the Judean desert, and rejects any reality where under the same government different populations will have different rights. The group deals with helping the tribal members in their survival hardships, in dealing with selective enforcement and harassment, as well as encouraging employment, livelihood and help in unanswered medical cases.

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Friends of the Jahalin is a volunteer-based organization, relying solely on the dedication and commitment of individuals like you. To effectively carry out our numerous projects and expand our activities for the benefit of the Jahalin tribe, we are in need of more helping hands!

Whether you are interested in becoming a regular member or simply lending a hand on a one-time basis, your support is immensely valuable and we encourage you to reach out to us. 

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When making a donation, kindly specify that it is intended for The Friends of Jahalin.

Bank Transfer / Standing Order

100% of the projects undertaken by Friends of Jahalin are supported by generous donations. Join us in our mission to continue assisting the Jahalin tribe, and help us create even more impactful initiatives for their benefit. Your support makes a tangible difference.

Bank Leumi (10)

Rehavia branch (912)

Account Number 20049784

For the order of "The Jerusalem Intercultural Center"

*Donations to Friends of Jahalin are recognized for receiving a tax refund in Israel (Section 46), USA (501(c)(3), Canada, and England.

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The Friends of Jahalin is a nonprofit group operated by dedicated volunteers under the umbrella of The Jerusalem Intercultural Center.

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