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The milk pasteurization center of the Jahalin communities

Every morning, a refrigerated truck will pass between the communities, purchasing goat milk to transport to the milk center, with each family contributing as much as they can. At the center, the milk will undergo pasteurization and be transformed into goat and white cheeses, following the esteemed Bedouin tradition spanning hundreds of years. These products will then be marketed to the general public, with proceeds reinvested to support the communities as a non-profit social business venture.
The initiative to establish the milk center arose from the livelihood difficulties faced by the Bedouin communities in the Judean Desert. The young shepherds often find themselves displaced from their traditional pastures by nearby Jewish settlements, resulting in smaller herds that make milk trading unprofitable. Consequently, the primary means of livelihood for these communities, deeply rooted in tradition, has been significantly compromised, leading to a sharp rise in unemployment rates. The social enterprise of the milk center aims to enable households with small herds to sustain themselves through milk production, thereby preserving the endangered Bedouin tradition.
While the planning initiative and fundraising efforts have been spearheaded by the Jahalin community's allies, it's the Jahalin communities themselves, particularly under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Eid Abu Hamis from the Khan Al Ahmar community, with support from the Civic Forum Institute led by Muhammad Diab, who are responsible for execution.
We will closely monitor the milk center's operations until it achieves financial stability after several months of running. The center is expected to serve as an economic catalyst for the communities, creating job opportunities and contributing to the preservation of the traditional Bedouin cheese industry. Now, our focus shifts to branding, advertising, and marketing the produce, establishing market presence in the Palestinian market, refining work procedures, and establishing communication channels with distributors.

Any donation made to support the center during its initial months until the budget stabilizes will be greatly appreciated and will propel the community forward towards the commencement of commercial operations.


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