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Rebuilding Daoud Suleiman's family tent.

In the winter of 2018, Suliman Daoud's tent in Khan al-Ahmar burned down. The family members survived, but were left with nothing. To aid the cause, a group of volunteers of Friends ofJahalin rallied and raised ₪10,000 within 24 hours, along with the local community. Within a few hours, a new tent was erected in a joint effort, and we managed to establish a new home where the family could live. The relieved family could finally breathe easy. Yigal Mosko from N12 News followed the events and called the article "Brother Tribe".
Actions loke these are needed from us. However, to continue supporting the Jahalin tribe, donations and volunteers are needed. This way, we can assist in various aspects of life where Jahalin communities do not receive aid or equal rights.

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