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Helping Bedouin Families in Need to Stay Dry During the Winter

Four of the poorest families in Khan are in dire need of assistance. Their dwellings are plagued by rotting boards, and they lack the means to afford tarps or nylon sheets to shield against the rain and cold. Water seeps into their tents, and the biting chill pervades every corner. Despite attempts to warm themselves with fires, even wood for such fires is costly and scarce.

Children shiver next to frozen puddles, finding no respite from the cold. In response to this urgent situation, a Paybox initiative was established to gather funds for purchasing essential supplies to weatherproof the homes and provide heating wood. Remarkably, 52 people generously donated 10.00 NIS each in just a few days!

Part of the collected sum was promptly allocated to procure tarps as an immediate remedy for the leaky houses. Additionally, funds were directed towards repairing the storm-damaged electrical panel at Khan's school, ensuring that children can resume their studies in a safe environment.

The remaining funds are earmarked for sealing the huts of other vulnerable families, in collaboration with the community leader. Beyond the monetary contributions, numerous donations of blankets, shoes, diapers, and other waterproofing essentials were received. With the assistance of volunteers, these supplies were efficiently transported to the families in need, aiding them in rebuilding their homes and restoring dignity to their lives.

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