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Friends of the Jahalin as Friends of the Court

As friends of the Jahalin tribe, we have requested to join as friends of the court in the hearing of a petition by an extreme right-wing organization seeking to demolish Khan al-Ahmar. Over the past four years, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey, forging close bonds and fostering good neighborly relations with the Jahalin tribe. Based on this understanding, we are advocating for the recognition of equal rights for them and striving for a humane, moral, and just solution to the issue at hand.

Since the State of Israel took control of the area in 1967, not a single construction permit has been granted to the Bedouins, despite their presence preceding that of nearby Jewish settlements. This glaring disparity amounts to intolerable discrimination by the state. Ironically, the very individuals petitioning for the demolition of Khan Al Ahmar portray the Bedouins as invaders and criminals, while simultaneously supporting the construction of illegal Jewish outposts around the Khan that remain untouched.

The solution must prioritize the rights of the Bedouins, ensuring they can live in the area free from discrimination. One law should apply to all, without exception. A solution exists; all that is lacking is the will to implement it.

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