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Distribution of Eyeglasses by Maccabiah Representatives as Part of the "Seeing the Jahalin" Project

In a voluntary project organized by representatives of Maccabiah in the USA, eye tests were conducted, and eyeglasses were distributed to members of the Jahalin tribe. Today, the Maccabiah American hockey team visited the tribe and handed out the glasses.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the US hockey team was hosted by Maccabiah in a hospitality tent at the Jahlin tribe in the Judean desert, concluding the "Seeing the Jahlin" project.

Due to the precarious economic situation of the Jahlin tribe, which resides in Bedouin communities in the Judean desert, the use of spectacles is rare among them. This often leads to difficulties in reading and writing, social problems, and orientation issues. As part of their community activities, representatives of Maccabiah in the USA collaborated with private optometrists and eye doctors from St. John's Hospital in East Jerusalem, along with representatives of Maccabiah Mara B and the Friends of Jahalin organization, around three months ago. They conducted 243 eye examinations for children and residents of three different communities: Khan Al Ahmar, Abu Hindi, and Jabal Baba.

After identifying about fifty individuals in need of glasses, they were given the opportunity to choose frames from a variety of options. Some individuals were also diagnosed with cataracts and were referred for treatment at St. John's Hospital. Additionally, several children with complex eye problems were identified and referred for urgent care at the hospital.

Yesterday, as previously mentioned, members of the USA hockey team and Maccabiah representatives visited to distribute the pairs of glasses. They were warmly welcomed in Jamil's hospitality tent with pita and bread.

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