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Food Distribution on Ramadan During the COVID - 19 Epidemic

During the peak of the initial COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Jahalin tribe found themselves confined and isolated, with strict limitations on movement in and out of their area imposed by the Palestinian Authority and Israel. This left many unable to procure essential goods, leading to dire circumstances where some faced the threat of starvation.

Gili Sharon, a seasoned activist with Friends of the Jahalin, spearheaded a comprehensive initiative to alleviate this distress. By rallying support from private individuals, organizations, companies, and volunteers, they coordinated the procurement and distribution of food products valued at tens of thousands of shekels. This effort involved donations, centralized purchases, as well as sourcing food and vegetables from local farmers and the Jerusalem Food Rescuers JLM, an organization dedicated to food rescue.

Over a span of about two months, residents of the tribe received regular deliveries of essential food items, fruits, and vegetables. This initiative significantly improved the nutritional security of the children and some members of the tribe until the situation stabilized.

Such actions underscore the vital importance of our role in providing support during times of crisis. However, to sustain our efforts in assisting the Jahalin tribe and similar communities, we require ongoing funds and volunteers. With these resources, we can continue our humanitarian work, addressing needs such as employment, female empowerment, healthcare, and more.

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