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The story of my friend Jahalin

Photo: Nadav Yaniv

The Friends of the Jahalin is a group that works to raise awareness of the impossible situation of the Jahalin's unrecognized communities in the Judean Desert, and strives to promote their status by consent while providing full equality of rights and opportunities to the tribe.
Friends of Jahalin is not a political body, it includes people with a variety of opinions, including residents of the Jewish settlement in the nearby Adumim area and Gush Etzion. Therefore Jahalin's friends do not promote a particular political solution, but focus on human rights . The group regrets its flag of full equality of rights for the Jahalin communities in the Judean Desert and rejects any reality in which under the same rule and a cell will have different rights for different populations.
In addition, the group deals with humanitarian aid: it helps with the survival troubles of the tribe and dealing with selective enforcement and harassment as well as encouraging employment and livelihoods and responding to unanswered medical cases, tourism development as a resource for livelihood, education support, activities with civil administration and state authorities. And in order to allow all communities access to water.Also, in view of the immediate threat of the demolition of the khan, we have organized a support and assistance system to resist deportation and to this end promote an effective support campaign and ongoing establishment of projects and activities together with and for the tribe.