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The dolls from Khan Al-Akhmar
The dolls from Khan Al-Akhmar

Fri, Mar 03


Tel Aviv-Yafo

The dolls from Khan Al-Akhmar

An exhibition of Galia Chai

זמן ומיקום

Mar 03, 2023, 10:00 AM – Apr 03, 2023, 10:00 AM

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Bnei Dan St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

פרטי האירוע

We invite you to the opening of Galia Chai's exhibition -  the dolls from Khan Al-Akhmar.

Teacher Yael Moab and psychologist Anat Sheral from our group "Friends of the Jahalin" joined the artist Galia Chai and together they founded "Loeva Hilva" (a beautiful doll) a female empowerment project that has been taking place in Khan al-Ahmar since November 2018, and is partnered by women and girls from the Ha tribe 'Hallin. The project is a creative framework established with the aim of providing the partner women with a source of income, emotional support and a sense of self-esteem while doing something creative and enjoyable.

In a collaborative effort, the Khan's wives create Bedouin dolls dressed in embroidered dresses and all proceeds from their sale go to the creators (except for a small amount used to buy raw materials).

The project strengthened the position of the partner women within the community in which they live, strengthened social ties and formed an active and supportive women's group. An income was created for the women, for most of them for the first time in their lives, a renewed interest in the local cultural baggage outwardly and inwardly, and intergenerational learning connections were created.

A welcome result of the meetings and activities is the renewal of the Bedouin embroidery tradition that was lost from the village.

Details: "Beit Daniel" gallery, 62 Bnei Dan St., Tel Aviv.

The opening is on 3/3 Friday.

There will be a sale of dolls on the spot.

The exhibition will be held throughout the months of March and April.


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