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Vegetable gardens

As part of the "Fairness Project" the volunteers brought fruit and vegetables to some women entrepreneurs in the tribe of fruit and vegetable seeds. They taught them some basic activities: how to extract seeds from vegetables, what is the right way to plant and how to care for seedlings.
In some cases it was necessary, even land was provided, which was transferred to the place on top of donkeys.
After a short time the seedlings began to sprout, the gardens bloomed and tomatoes and other vegetables made in the garden began to be added to the family menu. The food scraps they learned to turn into compost that fertilizes the garden. But not only edible seedlings were planted, but also ornamental plants, suitable for desert conditions began to paint the area green.
Although this is only the beginning of the project and it takes time to take root, the potential can already be seen, which allows the tribe to grow some of the vegetables and fruits themselves and improve their nutritional components. But also to nurture their modest living environment and make it more inviting.
Exactly for such actions we need.
But in order to continue to support the Jahalin tribe, funds and volunteers are needed,
That we can help in the humanitarian fields, employment, female empowerment, health and more

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